Friday, 22 June 2007

Serendipity or Nothing by Chance

This morning I was sitting at a local coffee shop, connecting with fellow writers and pondering what to write about today. Then, in walked an old friend who is struggling and wondering what God is calling her to do with her life. When I asked what she felt was missing in her life, she said she has long felt called to do missionary work in a third world country but can't get past the fear of taking the leap. She had heard that I've been writing, but didn't know about what. When I told her I'm deep in the process of writing about my experiences working with the poor in India her eyes got really big. "Maybe I'm supposed to be talking to you about this!" She said. She had to head off, but took my e-mail address and promised to connect with me soon.

It's pretty amazing to me that all I do is share a little of my story and God does the rest. I've looked into lots of missionary organizations in the past, and hopefully I can be a resource for this friend.

Sometimes I look back and wonder what it was all for, those six fleeting weeks spent in India eleven years ago, and whether it really made any difference to anyone. What I'm seeing now is that that whole experience was of course worthwhile in and of itself, but also that it continues, years later, to bear fruit in the telling and re-telling of it, and the way in which God is touching people thereby.


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Belinda said...

Hey Stephanie,
I checked out your blog after sending you an email about writers groups and I love it. You've done such a good job.

I've bookmarked Calcutta is Everywhere and will check in regularly!

Blessings blogging sister!