Monday, 25 June 2007

Poverty - in all its many forms

Calcutta is Everywhere is a story about life and death, loneliness and poverty. It’s about discovering God in all things and Christ in all people. And it’s about the biggest poverty of all: spiritual poverty, which can encompass loneliness, hopelessness and emotional suffering.

“Calcutta…” she admonished “is everywhere”. The wrinkled little lady with the white and blue peasant sari was good at reminding us that spiritual poverty, loneliness and despair are often right in our own country, our own communities, indeed in our own hearts. So we don’t need to pack up and head off to some far-away land in search of it, that elusive thing that will bring us fulfillment, satisfaction and peace. There are plenty of opportunities to serve our fellow humans right here in our own backyard. And yet, for some unknown reason, some of us do have to pack up and head off, in search of our own stories.

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