Monday, 17 November 2008

one bite at a time...

I've come to accept that for now, the only way this book is going to get closer to completion is by taking baby steps. I never seem to have big blocks of time where I can sit and ponder and write and edit and pace around and scratch my head and do all the things I assumed writers have to do in order to eventually produce something worth reading. But I do have little windows of time throughout the week, and if I can use them when they present themselves, so much the better. It can't be the 'all or nothing' I'm usually about, else this project will never see the light of day! :) It's little bits of the 'some', scooped up and seized and valued. Lately I've been progressing by leaps and bounds using just an hour here, a half hour there, a new idea scratched roughly on a napkin while out for breakfast with a friend. And it's all good! Each part is a small but significant piece that contributes to the whole. Reminds me of my life... if I look at the things I need to do and the changes I want to make and all the hopes and dreams and ideas and pathologies in my head, man! I'll never get anything done! I'll be sitting in a corner somewhere, rocking, muttering to myself, 'there's no place like home' or something equally unsettling... lol. I heard someone say once there's only one way to eat an elephant, and that is one bite at a time. And so it is with this book, this life, these moving boxes still piled in the corner, taunting me. Well enough. Maybe one paragraph, one box, one bite of the elephant really can be enough. It seems so to me today, and that's good enough.

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